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Founded in 1996, Shandong Huapai Group Co., Ltd. covers 270mu, it is a comprehensive group company engaging in the textile, clothing, and real estate development. It has 3 clothing branches, 1 fabric branch, 1 printing branch, the construction area of the plant is more than 80,000sqm, and it has a comprehensive department store occupying an area of 70,000sqm. The fabric branch has 120 sets of circular knitting machinery and the knitted fabric dyeing production line with the production capacity of 5000 tons, the clothing branch has more than 10000 sets of imported high speed sewing machine. At present, we have more than 1500 employees, the annual output of T-shirt, sportswear and other knitted clothing is more than 1000 pieces. We process and manufacture for the famous clothing brand of Japan, Korea, Europe and America, the annual turnover is 200 million Yuan RMB. 

AG账号被冻结?AG信号-网上AG下载AG娱乐 AG积分-AG积分有什么用?AG账号 ag用户积分有什么用 ? AG真人积分能换钱吗 ? ag真人积分有什么用 ?
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              1. AG账号被冻结?AG信号-网上AG下载AG娱乐 AG积分-AG积分有什么用?AG账号 ag用户积分有什么用 ? AG真人积分能换钱吗 ? ag真人积分有什么用 ?